Environmental policy

We will steer and develop environmental work in our business towards an environmentally and climate-sustainable society.

Our aim is to:

  • Reduce the company’s environmental and climate impact.
  • Conserve the earth’s resources.
  • Minimise the use and emission of harmful substances.
  • Contribute to the recycling of materials and used products.

  • Continuously educate and inform employees in environmental and climate issues.
  • Raise awareness and involve the company’s employees in the company’s environmental work.
  • Make clear demands on our suppliers to always deliver with environmental thinking.
  • Having the environment as a major reason reason for investment.
  • Conserve the company’s resource consumption.
  • Follow developments in the environmental field to find new opportunities for improvement.
  • Work daily for continuous improvements in our environmental work.
  • We are committed to the laws and regulations that govern our operations.
Some environmental measures in our environmental work
  • Think about the environment and sustainability in new construction and when we make new investments.
  • We strive to have geothermal/district heating/solar cells in our properties.
  • Use digital methods of working to minimise environmental impact.
  • We optimise energy consumption in our properties through additional insulation, sensor/timer controlled electricity consumers, etc.
  • Minimise chemical consumption in our property technicians’ work.

Quality policy

Everything we do should be carried out in such a way that our customers speak well of Lecab and are happy to return.

Our aim is to:

  • Have satisfied tenants – loyalty.
  • Have efficient management – do the right things right at the right time.
  • Have satisfactory profitability – enabling the company’s survival and development.

Strategies and commitments
  • Continuously educate and inform employees in quality and work-related knowledge.
  • Strive to use suppliers that contribute to maintaining a high level of quality.
  • Raise awareness and involve the company’s employees in the company’s quality work.
  • Work daily for continuous improvements to our quality work.