You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

I'm moving in, what should I think about?

Getting your key
The key can be collected no earlier than 13.00 on the day of entry at Lecab Bil AB, Hagalundsvägen 30. If the 1st of the month falls on a public holiday, the day of entry will be the next weekday. If you do not collect the key on the day of entry, you can pick it up any weekday between 08.00 and 16.00 (closed for lunch between 12.00-13.00).

To be able to sign out the key and tag, you must be able to present a valid identification document. If someone else collects the keys for you, they must produce a signed proxy and be able to present both their own and your ID.

Rental payment
The rent must always be paid monthly in advance, no later than the last weekday of the previous month. To be able to sign out the key, you must have paid the first month’s rent.

Change of address notification
Notify the Swedish Tax Agency of your change of address to register yourself at your new address. You also need to forward your post, changing your of address is done on

Housing allowance
If you are eligible to apply for housing benefit, you can do so at Försäkringskassan.

Home insurance
We recommend that you take out home insurance. Many insurance companies also offer home insurance that is suitable for you as a student, see examples below:

Folksam →
Länsförsäkringar →
Trygghansa →
If →

What is a guarantor?

You will have to have a guarantor to be offered a student apartment with us. A guarantor is someone who guarantees that you, as a tenant, fulfil your obligations to us. The guarantee is entered into “as for own debt”, which means that we can demand payment directly from the guarantor, should there be problems with the rental payments.

The guarantor is registered as a fellow applicant in connection with the application process. We will review the guarantor in connection with your acceptance of an offer.

Would you like to sublet or transfer tenancy of your apartment?

Subletting must always be approved by us as your landlord. If subletting takes place without our knowledge, the tenancy agreement risks being terminated. To be approved to sublet, you must have a valid reason for it, an assessment is always made based on the individual case. This means it’s essential that you contact us if you wish to sublet. The subtenant must be at least 18 years of age and a student. As the holder of the head lease, you are wholly responsible for the apartment and that the rent is paid on time.

When transferring tenancy of the apartment, we will consider the arrangement in each case. It is essential that you contact us before you ask a potential tenant.

How is the rent paid?

According to the rental agreement, the rent must be paid monthly in advance, no later than the last weekday of the previous month. If you neglect your rental payments, you may risk losing your lease. Please contact us if you have a problem with your rental payment.

You can pay the rent either by bank or by plusgiro. You can also apply to pay by direct debit at your online bank. If you pay the rent from a foreign bank, you will need your IBAN/BIC/Bank: Nordea.

If you have a contract with a 10-month rental period, it means that June and July are rent-free months. You are entitled to make full use of your apartment during these months and they do not affect your three months of notice. As a student, you may be entitled to rent allowance from Försäkringskassan, read more and apply here.

I lost my keys, what do I do?

If you should lose your keys or your tag, you must notify us immediately so that we can replace your door lock with a new one and give you a new set of keys. The tag can be encoded so that if you lose it, we decode the one you lost and replace it with a new one. Lost keys mean you will be charged for the new lock.

How does the mailbox/postbox work?

You open your postbox with your personal tag and it is important that we have your name spelled correctly on the digital postbox and that you have reported the address correctly to the Swedish Tax Agency/change of address. Please note that the letter depends on the building you are staying in and your apartment number can be found in your rental agreement, e.g.:

First name Last name
Sommargatan 108 lgh 1002

What do I do in case of disturbing neighbours?

Firstly, we recommend that you contact the neighbour directly. If the disturbance does not stop or if the disturbance is acute, please contact us and we will of course help.

Evenings, nights and weekends, you can report disturbances that are acute to our Emergency Services, we are currently collaborating with Securitas. We protect your information and do not disclose who has submitted a report.

In the event of a documented disturbance, the person who has caused the disturbance may be charged for the call-out.

A tenant who grossly or repeatedly violates our rules of conduct will receive a warning. If the tenant does take measures to correct their behaviour, their lease may be terminated.

Trygghetsjour (Emergency Services): 010- 470 57 00

How do I submit a report?

Common fault reports
If you submit a report on My Pages, our Accommodation Host will contact you as soon as we have the opportunity to handle your case. If you allow us to enter with the master key, we can handle your case faster.

Emergency report – Emergency faults should always be phoned in.
(For example, water leak, power cut or lost keys)
Weekdays 07:00-16:00: 010-47 04 875
Evenings (16:00-07:00) and weekends, helpline: 054-14 40 70

Faulty TV report
Union – Tele2: 90 222

Faulty internet report
Union – Tele2: 90 222

Faulty lift report
Union – Nordisk Hiss (24 hours a day): 013 – 10 26 30

How do I book laundry time?

Laundry times are booked either with the help of your tag on the board in the entrance hall or via your login at the Booking Agency. The laundry room is open from 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after your booked time and it is possible for two tenants to wash at each bookable time.

For everyone’s comfort, the laundry room should be cleaned after use. If the laundry room is untidy when your booked time starts, please let us know so that we can deal with it immediately for everyone’s comfort. Please note that dyeing clothes is not allowed in the common laundry room.

What do I do if there's a fire?

In case of fire: save, warn, alarm, extinguish is normally the order recommended. However, it is the actual situation that determines the order in which you should really act. If you are several people helping each other, you can take several measures at the same time.

There are alarm buttons mounted in the entrance hall and at the door to the stairwell on each floor. These buttons start all the alarm devices in the property but you must always call 112 to alert the emergency services if there is a fire. Never use the lift if there is a fire. Do not go out into a smoke-filled stairwell. Instead, stay in your apartment, put wet towels or sheets around the door to seal it and call 112. Read more about Fire Safety.

I'm moving out, what do I need to do?

You can cancel your rental agreement on My Pages using BankID. The notice period is usually three months from the turn of next month.

Contact us at as soon as possible to set up a time for inspection.

During the inspection, we will check the following:

  • That the apartment is in good condition and well maintained.
  • That the end of tenancy cleaning is approved, see checklist for end of tenancy cleaning.
  • That a possible storage room has been emptied and cleaned.

If the above has not been done, you may be charged the cost.

To restore walls to their original state, we have a free paint kit with white paint and filler that you can borrow, contact us if you wish to borrow a kit. We have instruction videos on the website that show you how to proceed.

The keys can be handed over to the Accommodation Host in connection with the final inspection or handed in at the office at Lecab Bil, Hagalundsvägen 30 in Karlstad. You can also send us the keys at the address below in a padded envelope by recommended post:

Lecab Fastigheter AB
BOX 2403

Other things to remember
Remember to cancel any direct debit, change your home insurance, change your address and request forwarding of your post.

How does waste sorting & recycling work?

There is a rubbish sorting station on every courtyard. Here, you can dispose of food waste, paper packaging, metal packaging, glass, etc.

Rubbish and packaging that cannot be disposed of in our waste disposal facility must be taken to a recycling centre. The nearest central is located on Heden, about 4 km south of the university, the location of other stations can be found on the municipality’s website. Empty packaging or rubbish must not be left outside the rubbish station, any violations will be penalised. If you need more bags for food waste, you can take them from a cabinet at the rubbish station.

Maintenance & tips

You can find guides on how to maintain your apartment here. If you have any questions about any of this, please contact our accommodation host.

Window features

The windows in our properties have several different features. Here’s how they work:


Clear water trap

Is your sink or shower drain blocked? To clean the water traps correctly:

Changing fan filter

The fan filter over the stove needs to be replaced at regular intervals. To do this:

Remove the plug from the wall socket

Remove plugs from the wall socket like this without unnecessarily damaging the wall:

Spackle and paint

This is how you fill holes and paint for best results:

How do the television and Internet work?

Your rental agreement as a student gives you 1000/1000 broadband and a basic range of TV channels. Contact the provider if you want more channels than those included. The Internet works with a network cable, so you will need a router if you want a wireless network.