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Our office is located on Hagalundsvägen 30, Våxnäs in Karlstad.


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Fault report

Fault report

Common fault reports
If you submit a report on My Pages, our Accommodation Host will contact you as soon as we have the opportunity to handle your case. If you allow us to enter with the master key, we can handle your case faster.

Emergency report – Emergency faults should always be phoned in.
(For example, water leak, power cut or lost keys)
Weekdays 07:00-16:00: +46 10-47 04 875
Evenings (16:00-07:00) and weekends, helpline: +46 54-14 40 70

Faulty TV report
Union – Tele2: 90 222

Faulty internet report
Union – Tele2: 90 222

Faulty lift report
Union – Nordisk Hiss (24 hours a day): +46 13 – 10 26 30