How do I fill in the fault report? What will I do in case of fire in my apartment or in the stairwell? How do i book a washing time in the laundry room? Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions you are welcome to contact us.


Subletting your apartment is all right as long as the subtenant meet our requirements for renting. He or she has to be a student at the University and have a guarantor with a Swedish social security number.  You have to have specific reasons for subletting your apartment, e. g. studies abroad.

We will need information about the subtenant, such as his/her name, social security number, e-mail and mobile number. He/she has to fill out the application form on the web site so that we will receive the information safely.

As the holder of the first-hand contract you have to inform us for how long you plan to sublet your apartment and to who. Remember you are still responsible for maintaining the apartment and for paying rent on time. Subletting your apartment without our permission is not acceptable and you will run the risk of being evicted.

If you have any questions regarding subleasing, please contact us at

Om andrahandsuthyrning sker utan vår vetskap bryter du mot hyreskontraktet och kan i värsta fall bli vräkt.


In order to receive a lease contract you must have a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who formally accepts responsibility for you and your obligations towards us. A guarantor guarantees your lease, by promising that if you fall behind on rental payments, they will also be responsible for the rental payments. Before offering you a lease contract, we will review your guarantor’s credit report.

The guarantor sends his/her personal information to us (name, social security number, phone number and e-mail address) by registering his/her interest here on the website. This means you have to register your interest two times, one with your personal information and one with your guarantor’s personal information.

Lost keys

In case you lose your apartment keys and your key tag, contact us so that we can replace your lock cylinder and give you a new set of keys and a new key tag. This will be charged.

In case of fire

In case of fire: Save anyone who is in danger, warn others who are in danger, activate the fire alarm, and if possible, put out the fire. This is the recommended procedure, but it is the current situation that determines in which order you really should act. If there are several of you who are able to help, you can do some of these steps at the same time.

There are alarm buttons mounted in the entrance and at the door of the stairwell on each floor. These buttons start all alarms in the building but you always have to call SOS Alarm at 112 and tell them what happened and where. Don’t use the elevators during a fire emergency, always use the stairs. Don’t go out if there is smoke in the corridors or in the stairwell, remain in your apartment, keep the door closed and stuff damp sheets or blankets in the spaces to help keep smoke out. Call SOS Alarm at 112. Read more about Fire safety.

Bicycle storage and car parking

On the courtyard there are two large bicycle storages to keep your bicycle. There is also a number parking spaces available for rent just outside Forest Hill.

Please contact us at for more information!

Fault report

In case something in your apartment breaks down or stops working, you are obliged to inform us as soon as you notice this. You fill out the fault report here. In case of emergency, such as water leak, power loss or if you lose your keys, we want you to call us at +46 (0)10-47 00 875. After hours (between 4 p.m. until 7 a.m.) and during the weekends, call +46 (0)54-14 40 70.

If you have questions regarding Internet, contact AllTele, +46 (0)770-25 05 50, and report your address and apartment number.

If you have questions regarding cable-TV, contact Sappa at +46 (0)774-444 744.

If you have questions regarding the elevators in the buildings, contact Kone, +46 (0)771-50 00 00.

Moving in

You may collect your apartment keys at 1 p.m. on your first day of rental at Lecab Bil AB, Hagalundsvägen 30. If this day is a Saturday, Sunday or other public holiday, you must wait until the next weekday before moving in. You may collect your apartment keys any day after your first day of rental, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. unless agreed otherwise. When collecting the apartment keys, you have to show valid identification and proof of rental payment. If someone else is collecting the keys for you, that person has to bring a letter of attorney, his/her own identification and your identification.

Remember to report your new address to the Swedish Tax Agency so that you can apply for a housing benefit at Swedish Social Insurance Agency. For more information click here.

Here are some care advices for your apartment, some measurements in the apartments and a guide for how to install roller blinds: Care advice, How to install roller blinds.

Apartment plans: Apartment plan 20 m²Apartment plan 25 m²

Moving out

Notice of termination shall be in writing at least 3 calendar months prior to the expiry of the rental period. Send an e-mail to where you present your name, apartment number and date of moving out.

We apply a period of notice of three months. A detailed inspection will be done by our maintenance person, to make sure that the apartment is in good condition. Itis very important to do aproper cleaning and to restore the apartment in the same condition as it was prior to when you moved in. This should be done in a professional manner. Should the apartment be in bad condition and/or the final cleaning is not approved, this will be charged.


The rent is paid one month in advance no later than on the last weekday before the start of each calendar month. You can pay the rent either by bank giro or plus giro, by using the service Swish or by applying for direct debit with your internet bank. If you pay the rent from a foreign bank, you need IBAN/BIC/Bank: Nordea. What is included in the rent is stated in your lease contract. If you do not pay the rent on time, you run the risk of being evicted. If you struggle with paying the rent, it is important that you contact us.

In case you have a 10-month lease, June and July are free of charge. You have the right to make full use of your apartment during these months and they will not affect your three months of notice. As a student, you may be entitled to a housing benefit through the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, read more and apply here.

We care about the environment and rental slips are distributed by e-mail. It is also possible to pay rent through direct debit payment, contact your bank to apply for this and let us know when it’s done.

Environmental policy

We care about the environment and we’re trying to limit our use of physical documents. Rental agreements are signed through digital acceptance and tenants receive their rental slips by e-mail.

Mail box

The mailbox opens with your personal key tag and it is important that your name is spelled correctly on the digital mailbox and that you’ve reported the correct address to the Swedish Tax Agency/Adressändring. . Please note that the letter is determined by in which building your apartment is, this is stated in your lease contract. For example:

First Name Last Name
Universitetsgatan 18 A apt 1002


While renting you are responsible for changing broken light bulbs in your apartment. . In common areas, such as entrances, corridors and laundry rooms, broken light bulbs are replaced by us.

It is important that you take care of and that you regularly clean the water trap and floor drain. To avoid blocked drains, it is important not to flush things that do not belong in the toilet or drain. If you discover pests, you have to report this to us immediately according to Swedish law.

Recycling Information

Outside there is a waste disposal site where you throw your refuse such as packaging of paper, plastic and metal.

Waste that you can’t throw away at the waste disposal site has to be taken to a recycling center. The nearest recycling center is at Heden about 4 km south of Forest Hill, other stations can be on the municipality’s website. It is not allowed to place empty packaging or to throw garbage outside the waste disposal site, violation will be charged. In case you need more food waste bags you can collect these by the waste disposal site.


If you are disturbed by your neighbours, try talking to them first. Please let us know so that we are updated and can offer support if the problems continue. In case of emergency you can call the security service but we don’t recommend you to unless it’s urgent. A visit from the social security team costs money. Their phone number is +46 (0)10-47 05 700.

Television & Internet

If there are problems with your cable-TV, and if costs for cable-TV are included in the rent, you should contact the cable TV provider, here is their contact information. The cable-TV service provided is the basic TV package but if you’d like access to the expanded package contact Sappa for more information. Read more about Sappa here: TV via Sappa.

Internet is provided through a network cable so if you want wireless network you will need a router. If there are problems with Internet, and if costs for Internet are included in the rent, you should contact the Internet provider, here is their contact information. Report your address and apartment number. Read more about Internet provided by AllTele.

Laundry Room

Laundry times are booked by using your key tag on the Wallpad by the entrance in each building or by logging in to Bokningsverket. The laundry room is open 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after your booked time and during each reservation it’s possible for two people to use the laundry room at the same time.

After use, the laundry room should be properly cleaned. Should the laundry room not be clean when your booked time starts, report this to us as soon as possible. Please note that you cannot use the washing machine for colouring or bleaching your clothes.

Care advice & tips

Here you will find guides on how to maintain your apartment. If you have any questions regarding these guides, please contact our maintenance person.


The windows in our properties have several functions, here is how they work:


Clean the water trap

Do you have a blocked drain? This is how to clean the water trap:


Changing the filter in the kitchen fan

The filter in the kitchen fan has to be changed regularly. Here’s how:


Removal of wall plugs

Here’s how to remove wall plugs without causing unnecessary damage to the wall:

To spackle and paint

For the best results, here’s how to spackle and paint a wall:

Emergency alarm

In all apartments and common areas there is a centrally connected fire alarm that is controlled from a main switchboard. You don’t have to check its function, nor replace the battery or perform such maintenance. It is absolutely forbidden to disengage or in any other way move or adjust the detectors in the apartments or common areas as this will affect the function of the alarm. Restoration of this will be charged.

If the fire detector triggers in an apartment due to cooking fumes the siren only starts in that apartment and alarms for 2 minutes before trying to recover itself. Ventilate by opening the window and the system resets itself. If two detectors in different apartments in the same building trigger, all alarms in the building will go off. If any detector goes off in the other areas of the house, such as the laundry room, stairwell or in corridors, all alarms in the building, also inside every apartment, will go off.

Please note that the alarm is an evacuation alarm with the main purpose of saving people. In the event of a fire, SOS Alarm/ 112 should always be alerted and do not rely on anyone else already alarmed, it is better to call once too much than not at all!